Biden White House: Den of Scandal and Depravity Revealed!

Since Democratic candidate Joe Biden took office in the White House, his administration has been plagued by a series of scandals that have left Republican pundits scratching their heads and shouting “I told you so!” at the television. It seems the return of the “adults in charge” has done little to stem the tide of depravity and corruption within the Democrat party.

First on the list of recent Democrat scandals involves a shocking video of a Democrat staffer engaging in lewd behavior in a United States Senate hearing room in the U.S. Capitol. The graphic video, which surfaced in December, depicted the staffer engaging in an intimate act while on all fours on a table. It’s no wonder he was promptly shown the door.

Next, a Democrat candidate for a Virginia Senate seat, Susanna Gibson, who also happens to be a nurse practitioner, was revealed to have performed questionable acts with her husband for an online audience. The videos, which were archived online, showed Gibson participating in activities unbecoming of a Senate candidate. Needless to say, her bid for office did not end well.

In another shocking incident, a baggy of cocaine was found inside the White House West Wing, leading many to wonder about the kind of parties that were taking place behind closed doors. The subsequent investigation yielded little results, with the Secret Service claiming a lack of evidence. But, our trusty friend Jesse Watters suggests otherwise.

The White House has also been the stage for other scandalous displays, such as a trans influencer flashing fake breasts at a Pride event, a Navy enlisting a “drag queen influencer” to recruit more sailors, and a Democrat mayor facing disturbing allegations of child-related charges.

Adding to the list, a high-ranking Biden Department of Energy official and BDSM-enthusiast was caught stealing luggage at a Las Vegas airport and an Army colonel was found to have an affinity for “pup-play.” It seems that the extent of these eyebrow-raising revelations knows no bounds in the Democrat camp.

And let’s not forget some of the scandalous escapades that preceded the Biden era, including an alleged Chinese Communist Party spy getting cozy with Rep. Eric Swalwell, former Democrat Florida governor candidate Andrew Gillum’s intoxicated episode in a Miami Beach hotel room, and Rep. Katie Hill’s peculiar “throuple” situation and scandalous photos.

With a laundry list of inappropriate behavior, misconduct, and downright disturbing incidents, it’s no wonder conservative voices are using these scandals to make waves in the political arena. After all, it’s hard to argue for the moral high ground when your own ship seems to be sinking under the weight of scandal after scandal. And so the cycle continues.

Written by Staff Reports

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