Chinese Firm Rewards Sweat & Stamina with Hefty Bonuses!

Guangdong Dongpo Paper Co., a Chinese paper company, has introduced a unique strategy aimed at enhancing employee motivation and fostering a healthier lifestyle. The initiative involves tying annual bonuses to the distance employees run, hike, or walk each month. According to reports from Guangzhou Daily, employees who achieve a minimum of 62 miles will be rewarded with an annual bonus equivalent to 130% of their monthly salary, while those reaching at least 31 miles will receive a bonus equal to one month's pay.

The brainchild behind this fitness-oriented bonus plan is the company's chairman, Lin Zhiyong, renowned as "the first person in Dongguan to climb the north and south slopes of Mount Everest." Zhiyong has dedicated over three years to inspiring his workforce to adopt a more active lifestyle. Utilizing a dedicated app to track their physical activities, around 100 employees will have their exercise routines monitored and recorded.

However, not all employees are fully embracing this fitness-focused approach. Those falling short of the target mileage will experience a significant reduction in their bonuses. For instance, individuals covering less than 25 miles per month will receive only 60% of their annual bonus, and those achieving a mere 12 miles will take home a modest 30%. Despite this, Zhiyong aims to provide additional motivation by offering a pair of new running shoes to employees consistently logging 31 miles for six consecutive months.

The overall reception to this innovative bonus scheme has been positive among employees, who appreciate the dual benefit of getting in shape while receiving monetary rewards. The plan has garnered attention on Chinese social media platform Weibo, with some comments expressing skepticism about the ambitious exercise requirements and speculating on potential financial challenges for the company in the next five years. The success of this inventive incentive program for Guangdong Dongpo Paper Co. remains to be seen—stay tuned for updates!

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