FBI Caught Red-Handed in Widespread Catholic Spy Op!

A bombshell report by Judicial Watch has revealed that the FBI was not only targeting “radical-traditionalist Catholics” in one measly field office, but this crazy plan was actually given the green light by top dogs within the agency. Yikes!

In case you forgot, earlier this year, a sneaky FBI intelligence document from the Richmond, VA field office leaked to the press, and it tried to justify going after Americans with “Radical-traditionalist Catholic (RTC) ideology.” The document claimed they were “opportunities for threat mitigation,” by agents in the Counterterrorism Division. What a load of baloney!


According to Judicial Watch, a whopping 98-page report filled with tons of blacked-out info proved that officials in the Bureau’s Office of General Counsel were totally okay with the whole Catholic targeting mess cooked up by the field office. And get this, they even teamed up with officials from Portland and Milwaukee to make it happen. Can you believe it?

The original document labeled “Domain Perspective – Threat Target/Facilitation Platform, FBI Richmond,” had a section that said, “Interest of Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists in Radical-Traditionalist Catholic Ideology Almost Certainly Presents New Mitigation Opportunities.” Woah, that’s a mouthful!

And if that wasn’t enough, the executive summary basically said that the FBI was all gung-ho about finding ways to undermine RTC ideology. Ugh, don’t they have better things to do?

Congressman Clay Higgins (R-TX) took to social media to call out the FBI, saying that the release of the report proved that the agency was targeting Catholics as “violent extremists,” and it was a widespread, undercover operation. He even went as far as to tell America to wake up. Can you believe the nerve of those FBI folks?

Tom Fitton, the big cheese over at Judicial Watch, said that these documents completely destroy the FBI’s story that they were only spying on Catholics in one little office. Nope, it turns out this whole operation was given the thumbs-up by top lawyers at the FBI. Can you say scandal?

To make matters even murkier, the document provided to the House Judiciary Committee in August claimed that racially motivated violent extremists were cozying up to the Catholic community. They even went on to suggest that these extremists had a base within the Catholic community. What a load of malarkey!

As if that isn’t enough, the document cited the sketchy publications of the Southern Poverty Law Center and listed nine so-called RTCs as “hate groups.” Talk about a witch hunt!

Former Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp, Senior Advisor to CatholicVote, slammed FBI Director Wray and Attorney General Garland, accusing them of not only lying under oath, but also condoning this anti-Catholic program. He claimed that it was fully supported by senior officials, allowed undercover agents to infiltrate Catholic parishes, and even tried to meddle in elections. And to top it all off, more than 200 Catholic churches have been attacked since May of 2022. It’s a wild world out there!

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