Biden’s 2024 Bid Tanks as Dems Bail Faster Than Ship Rats!

President Joe Biden’s 2024 re-election hopes are on shakier ground than a tower of Jenga blocks in a windstorm! The Washington Examiner took a deep dive into the murky waters of Biden’s own party and found that the 46th president is facing a full-blown mutiny from Democrats. That’s right, folks! It seems like the Democrats are less united than a herd of cats at a dog show.

The Examiner examined five national general election polls and found that President Biden is about as popular with his own party as a skunk at a garden party. According to these polls, a greater number of Democrats are giving ol’ Joe the cold shoulder than Republicans who are turning their backs on Trump. It’s like a popularity contest gone wrong, and Biden seems to be losing big time.

The polls reveal some jaw-dropping numbers. For example, a poll from the Economist and YouGov showed that a whopping 26% of Democrats don’t want Biden to run for president again in 2024, compared to just 17% of Republicans who feel the same way about Trump. Yikes! It looks like Biden’s own team is giving him the ol’ “thanks, but no thanks.”

And it doesn’t end there, folks! The Harvard Harris poll found that 67% of Democrats think the country needs another choice for president, while 51% of Republicans said the same. It’s like the Democrats are window shopping for a new candidate while Biden’s still trying to make a sale.

But that’s not all! The Harris X poll found that 38% of Democrats are saying “NOPE” to Biden running again in 2024, while just 23% of Republicans feel the same way about Trump. It’s like a game of hot potato, and it seems like the Democrats are passing the Biden potato faster than you can say “2024.”

And speaking of 2024, it looks like age ain’t nothing but a number, but in Biden’s case, it’s a big ol’ elephant in the room. The Emerson College poll found that 45% of Democrats are worried about Biden’s age, while only 30% of Republicans are concerned about Trump’s legal woes. It’s like a game of “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Biden?” and it seems like a lot of folks are raising their hands.

But wait, there’s more! Biden’s not just facing a rebellion from his own party, he’s also got some potential party crashers to worry about. Rep. Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson are both staging primary challenges, and there are whispers of Cornel West and Jill Stein lurking in the shadows. It’s like a political version of “Survivor” and Biden’s under fire from all sides.

And let’s not forget the battleground states, where Biden’s support seems as shaky as a house of cards in a hurricane. A poll from Bloomberg and Morning Consult showed Biden trailing Trump in seven battlegrounds, and with so many Democrats voting “uncommitted” in Michigan, it looks like Biden’s grip on these key states is about as secure as a slippery banana peel on a tightrope.

So, it looks like President Biden has his work cut out for him if he wants to make it to 2024 in one political piece. With discontent brewing in his own party and potential challengers on the horizon, Biden’s re-election bid may be bumpier than a ride on a dirt road. Only time will tell if he can weather this storm or if he’ll be swept away by the political winds of change.

Written by Staff Reports

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