Biden’s Approval Tanks as Inflation and Border Woes Surge

In a fresh scoop from the trusty folks at Gallup, it turns out that more grown-ups are giving a big thumbs down to President Joe Biden, and it’s not just because of his erroneous age or comical confusion. Nope, they’re disapproving of him for real beefy issues, and topping that list is immigration. The good ol’ Gallup poll revealed that immigration is really grinding people’s gears, with 19% of folks pointing fingers at the border crisis as their main reason for disapproving of Biden.

It looks like concerns about the border brouhaha have been steadily climbing the disapproval ladder, and it reached a boiling point when those House Republicans made a big fuss and got Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas impeached. Heck, some top Republicans are even hinting at the idea of impeaching Biden over this border bungle. Yowza!

But wait, there’s more! According to Gallup, Biden currently holds the record for the lowest approval rating of any president at this point in their first term, clocking in at a measly 41%. Ouch! It seems like Biden’s recent declaration of the border crisis and his blame game with the Republicans aren’t exactly winning him any popularity points. I mean, he did go and scrap Donald Trump’s tough border policies, but hey, just ’cause it’s an executive order doesn’t mean he had Congress’s approval, am I right?

Now here’s the real juicy bit: when Gallup asked why voters aren’t feeling the Biden love, a whopping 47% gave a laundry list of specific issues, while 23% just straight-up called him “incompetent,” “too old,” and “mentally unfit.” Ouch, talk about a double whammy! Another 18% threw shade at his job performance, saying he’s just plain old “doing a bad job.”

Now, for the cherry on top: those who did think Biden was doing a swell job had one thing to say – he’s “better than Trump.” Well, ain’t that a hoot! Looks like the Biden train is chugging along, but it’s definitely hitting some rocky terrain with these Gallup findings.

Written by Staff Reports

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