Bidens Beware: Subpoenas Coming, Comer Confirms Investigation Plans

The House Oversight Committee, led by Chairman James Comer, is not slowing down in its investigation into alleged corruption by the Biden family. Comer appeared on Fox Business to discuss the committee’s plans moving forward. He highlighted the connection between President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s questionable business dealings. Comer acknowledged that there has been resistance and obstruction, but assured host Maria Bartiromo that the Bidens will be subpoenaed to appear before the committee.

Comer emphasized the importance of timing and building a solid legal case. He explained that if the subpoena had been issued immediately, it would have been dismissed due to the narrative at the time, which claimed that Joe Biden had no involvement in his son’s business affairs. However, evidence has since emerged contradicting these claims, leading Comer to assert that the Bidens have been caught in numerous lies.

Comer expressed frustration with the media for failing to ask President Biden about the $21 million his family received. He pointed to the bank records as proof of their involvement in questionable financial activities. Despite pushback from various sources, Comer remains confident in the committee’s progress and their ability to produce evidence regularly.

The investigation extends beyond just the Bidens. Comer mentioned the testimony of Devon Archer, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, and the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma, a company Hunter was involved with. The committee has released details of the Biden family’s bank records, revealing the use of multiple shell companies and potential tax evasion.

Comer acknowledged the challenges posed by the Bidens’ obstructionist tactics and the weaponization of government institutions, including the Department of Justice and FBI. He stressed that fighting public corruption should be a shared goal, and he called out the White House for its plausible deniability defense.

In conclusion, Chairman Comer and the House Oversight Committee are focused on uncovering the truth behind the alleged corruption involving the Biden family. Despite facing obstacles, they are determined to hold the Bidens accountable and expose any wrongdoing.

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