Biden’s Blunders Ignite Media’s Sudden Backtrack on Favoritism!

The Biden White House is getting ruffled feathers over some daring reporting from The New York Times. They’re not thrilled about the accurate coverage concerning President Joe Biden’s age and low approval ratings. Also, The Washington Post is trying to compare concerns about Biden and Donald Trump, and, of course, some media figures like Sen. Ted Cruz are calling out these behaviors. Fox News’ “The Story With Martha MacCallum” highlighted a theme in the coverage of Biden as well, noting that these election year headlines about cognitive decline and age are not typical and clearly show that this is not your average election.

Even the California trip for Biden was a bit shaky when he gave a confusing response to a reporter’s question, leaving people concerned about his cognitive abilities. Sen. Cruz called out this bizarre answer, and the media’s behavior in questioning Biden’s ability to lead. He also noted that the media is starting to turn on Biden, which is quite a shocking development, considering the usual favoritism he receives.

Cruz has been predicting for some time now that there’s a good chance the Democratic Party might pull the plug on Biden. He believes the corporate media and the Democratic Party are closely aligned and are getting nervous about Biden’s ability to win in November. It’s a big deal that the media is changing their tune after years of covering for Biden. Their sudden shift to questioning Biden’s competence is a significant change.

It seems that the media and the Democrats are largely concerned about Biden’s electability, rather than his actual ability to lead. This is a real problem for them, as recent polling shows a competitive race between Biden and Trump, with Trump in the lead. Despite this newfound scrutiny from the media, Cruz predicts that if Biden remains the nominee, the media will quickly fall back in line and dismiss any questions about his fitness for office.

These conservative voices are not mincing words about their concern for Biden’s ability to lead. They see a clear double standard in the mainstream media’s coverage of Biden, and they are calling out any attempt to downplay these important questions. It’s clear that they view the media’s newfound scrutiny of Biden as nothing more than a political tactic, and not a genuine concern for his fitness to lead.

Written by Staff Reports

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