Biden’s California Cash Crusade: Chasing Millions, Not Morals

President Sleepy Joe Biden, as conservatives affectionately call him, is once again hitting the road, this time to beg for more money in California. It seems like he can’t get enough of the big bucks flowing from the liberal elites on the West Coast.

Biden’s making his third pilgrimage to the land of Hollywood and Silicon Valley in just over two months. He’s not just sticking to one ritzy location either – he’s schmoozing and hobnobbing in Culver City, San Francisco, and Los Altos Hills. Can this man not get enough of the fancy parties and extravagant mansions?

The Democrats are bragging about their massive haul of $42 million in donations in just one month. It’s no shocker that the coastal elites are throwing their money at Biden. After all, they want to keep their puppet in the White House to push their radical agenda and line their pockets with taxpayer dollars.

It’s a shame that President Biden can’t spend his time actually doing the job he was elected to do, rather than running around like a show pony at these high-dollar fundraisers. But hey, at least the rest of America can see where his priorities truly lie – and they’re certainly not with hardworking, everyday Americans.

The Biden administration’s love affair with the coastal elite is on full display, and it stinks worse than a week-old fish left out in the sun.

Written by Staff Reports

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