Biden’s China Green Energy Deal Raises Red Flags for Top GOP Leader!

The head of the House Energy and Commerce committee, Catherine McMorris Rodgers, R-WA, is not backing down when it comes to safeguarding America's interests. She has asked the Treasury Department to provide her with an update on the approval of a Chinese company's plan to build a battery plant.

This news raises concerns about the potential impact of foreign investment on the US. The approval of a project that involved a Chinese company shows that the Biden administration is giving China too much influence over the country's auto industry.

It's clear that China is becoming an increasing threat to the US' auto industry, as evidenced by McMorris Rodgers' investigation into Ford's partnership with a Chinese company known as Contemporary Amperex.

Aside from jobs, security is also a concern for the US. The company that is involved in the project, Gotion, is based in China and has ties to the Communist Party. It has over 900 employees and was able to establish a branch of the CCP. This isn't the kind of partner that the US should be looking for.

One of the facilities proposed by Gotion would be near a training facility for the National Guard. This is a serious issue as it could threaten the readiness of the military. We cannot let China gain access to our country.

McMorris Rodgers is determined to protect the interests of the US. She's not afraid to go after big companies such as Gotion and Ford, and she's also not afraid to speak up against China. This is why it's important that more leaders like her are willing to put the country's interests first.

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