Shock Report: Mayorkas Actions Fuel Cartel Emboldening, GOP Reveals

The second interim report by the House Homeland Security committee on the performance of Alejandro Mayorkas, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, was released today. The report claims that the policies of President Biden and Mayorkas have encouraged criminal organizations to take over certain portions of the border.

A 62-page report released by the DHS revealed that Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security, has encouraged drug cartels and other criminal organizations to expand their control over the country. This alarming situation has raised concerns about the safety and security of citizens.

According to the committee's findings, law enforcement and border security officials have witnessed the alarming rise in the number of drugs and immigrants entering the country illegally. They have also been overwhelmed by the control of criminal organizations.

The House Republicans launched an investigation to determine if Mayorkas neglected his responsibilities during the border crisis. The investigation could lead to the impeachment of the DHS official. According to the report released by the committee, the agency took various actions that harmed the country, such as the rescission of President Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy and the suspension of the construction of the border wall.

The report released by the committee highlighted the many issues that were caused by Mayorkas' radical agenda. These include the increasing number of human trafficking cases, the drug flow, and the border towns' disorder. Not only are these issues affecting the communities, but immigrants are also suffering due to the cartels' exploitation and abuse.

The report states that the policies of the administration, which are known as the "catch and release" policy, have allowed criminal organizations to operate without being held accountable for their actions. Despite Mayorkas' claims that his policies have helped decrease the activities of criminal groups, the report shows that they still remain active.

The committee's investigation will now focus on the human consequences of Mayorkas' radical agenda, and it's important to address the southwest border's control by criminal organizations and how it has affected the country. It's time for Mayorkas to be held accountable for his actions, which only benefited the cartels.

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