Biden’s Creepy Tendencies Unnerve Voters Yet Again

President Joe Biden’s recent visit to a food bank in Philadelphia left many Americans feeling pretty grossed out. Why, you ask? Well, it’s because of his creepy behavior around young girls, which seems to be becoming quite a pattern. It’s not exactly a good look for the commander-in-chief.

During his visit to the food bank, Biden was spotted handing out bags of apples to needy people. Nothing wrong with that, right? But then, out of the blue, he zeroes in on a young girl. With a vacant stare, he asks her how old she is, and when she says she’s eleven, he repeats it with a “Wow.” This kind of behavior is not “spexy” if you ask me.

And this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this. Just a few days earlier, he made a young girl visibly uncomfortable at a coffee shop when he approached her and started asking about Secretary Austin. Give it a rest, Joe!

Wow, President Joe Biden can’t seem to keep his creepy comments and behavior in check. But this isn’t a recent problem. It’s been going on for years, as evidenced by numerous recorded instances of his ‘creepy Joe’ moments. And let’s not forget the allegations from his own daughter’s diary about questionable behavior. This kind of stuff just doesn’t sit right with a lot of people, especially those who have daughters of their own.

With his approval numbers hitting rock bottom, Biden doesn’t seem to be winning over many folks these days. Creeping out young girls is definitely not a good look for someone who’s supposed to be leading the country. It seems like this is becoming a pattern for the president. And it’s not doing him any favors in the court of public opinion.


Written by Staff Reports

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