Biden’s Dog Banished: White House Fiasco Exposed!

The news of Commander, Vice President Joe Biden’s dog, being relocated from the White House to the doghouse has raised concerns about the safety of White House staff and Secret Service officers. It turns out that Commander has been a troublemaker, attacking people multiple times in the past year. It’s quite alarming that a 2-year-old German shepherd could cause so much mayhem.

The first lady’s spokesperson, Elizabeth Alexander, released a statement acknowledging the seriousness of the situation and expressing gratitude to the Secret Service for their patience and support. However, the statement failed to provide any specifics about where Commander has been sent or if he will return. This lack of transparency is concerning, and the American people deserve to know what measures are being taken to address Commander’s behavior.

But here’s where things get even more disturbing. A report from Judicial Watch, a legal watchdog group, has alleged that President Biden mistreats his dogs. According to their sources, Biden has punched and kicked his dogs. These are serious accusations that cannot be taken lightly. It is shocking to think that the leader of our nation could engage in such abusive behavior towards animals.

In light of these allegations, Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Secret Service, seeking records regarding incidents involving Commander. This is a crucial step in holding the Biden administration accountable and uncovering the truth behind these disturbing claims. It is essential that the public has access to all the information surrounding Commander’s attacks and the alleged mistreatment by President Biden.

Prior to Commander, there was another German shepherd named Major who was also involved in attacks on Secret Service and White House personnel. It seems to be a recurring issue within the Biden family. These incidents raise questions about their ability to properly care for and control their dogs. The fact that Major was reportedly given away to family friends after a string of attacks is concerning enough, but now we have Commander following in his footsteps.

Judicial Watch’s records have revealed the severity of Commander’s attacks on Secret Service officers. Many of these officers required medical care, including hospitalization. The email exchange between a Uniformed Division officer and a victim of one of Commander’s attacks showcases the frustration and disbelief at the situation. It’s clear that there is a lack of accountability and urgency in addressing this dangerous behavior.

It is imperative that the Biden administration takes immediate action to ensure the safety of White House staff and Secret Service officers. This ongoing cover-up and failure to address the issue is a blatant display of corruption. Commander’s attacks could have severe consequences, and it is the responsibility of President Biden to protect those who serve and protect him. It’s time for the truth to come out, and for the proper steps to be taken to prevent any further harm caused by Commander or any future pets in the White House.

Written by Staff Reports

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