Biden’s DOJ Hides Truth: Blocks Televised Trump Trial

John Lauro, the attorney for Donald Trump, stated that he supports televised trials, but he was disturbed by how the Biden Administration was blocking these efforts. He claimed that they were trying to conceal the truth about the trial.

During an interview with Shannon Bream of Fox News Sunday, Lauro discussed his support for televised trials. Although he believed that it would let the people decide, he also criticized Biden for trying to keep important details about the case from the press.

It’s no surprise that Joe Biden doesn’t want to have a televised trial, as he allegedly tries to suppress information. Lauro claims that this is part of the Democratic Party's strategy to hide important details about the case to protect its political interests.

In a protective order filed against Trump, special counsel Jack Smith cited a post that the former president made on his social media platform. In the post, Trump threatened to track down whoever was following him. This was the reason why Smith decided to seek the protective order. It would prevent the Trump legal team from releasing details about the case to the press.

During an appearance on CNN, Lauro stated that they would not agree with keeping confidential information about the case from the media. He claimed that the prosecutors were trying to hide the truth from the American people for no apparent reason. This statement highlights the conservative belief that the team is biased against Trump.

Although Trump supporter Lauro supports televised trials, he criticized Biden's administration for trying to keep details about the case secret. According to him, Biden doesn't want to see the truth exposed through a televised trial as it could affect the outcome of the case. This narrative is part of the conservative's belief that the Democrats are secretly working to rig the legal system in their favor.

Written by Staff Reports

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