Biden’s Drone Policy: Terrorism Takes Backseat, America At Risk

In a stunning move, the Biden administration has unveiled a new policy on drone use that drastically diminishes the importance of combating terrorism. The policy, obtained by The New York Times, outlines strict rules for drone strikes and commando raids, requiring personal approval from Joe Biden and a “near certainty” that no civilians will be harmed. These rules stand in stark contrast to the more permissive approach taken by President Trump.

Under this new policy, only Iraq and Syria are recognized as conventional battlefields, leaving Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan off the list. This means that nearly all strikes and raids outside of Iraq and Syria will require Biden’s personal approval. However, with the lengthy process involved in obtaining his approval, it’s highly unlikely that any targets will still be present by the time the green light is given.

Although there is a small exception for strikes carried out in defense of American forces or partner forces, the overall effect of this policy is clear: fighting terrorism is no longer a priority. By limiting drone strikes to a narrow set of circumstances and requiring extensive approval, this policy essentially ensures that very few, if any, strikes will be authorized.

To make matters worse, the policy now demands that the Pentagon and CIA publish annual reports detailing the number of drone strikes and civilian casualties. This further discourages the use of drones as any misstep could result in severe consequences for those involved. It seems that the Biden administration would rather play it safe and do nothing than risk being held accountable for any unintended casualties.

These changes come on the heels of a sharp decline in drone strikes during the Trump administration, and the numbers have only plummeted further under Biden. This new policy restricts drone strikes to situations where capture is deemed impossible, a decision that is ludicrous to expect from a drone operator. It’s reminiscent of the Clinton administration’s floundering attempts to capture Osama bin Laden, which ultimately allowed him to continue his reign of terror.

In essence, this policy signifies the end of the US war on international terrorism that began after the September 11 attacks. The bar has been raised so high for using drones that obtaining permission in a timely manner will be nearly impossible. The Biden White House is effectively inserting itself into the kill chain, making it increasingly difficult to take decisive action against threats.

It is deeply troubling to witness the Biden administration’s lack of commitment to combatting terrorism and protecting American lives. This policy sends a clear message to the world that the US is no longer interested in proactively preventing terrorist organizations from gaining the upper hand. We can only hope that this misguided approach will be swiftly reversed before it puts more lives at risk.

Written by Staff Reports

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