Biden’s Embarrassing ABC Interview Spurs Democratic Panic Biden Trails Trump in Key States

If liberals are desperately searching for a silver lining amid Joe Biden’s latest trainwreck of an interview with ABC News, they’d better bring their magnifying glasses and flashlights. His performance was nothing short of embarrassing, doing absolutely zilch to convince those Democrats who are itching to send Sleepy Joe into early retirement. His stubborn denial that he’s behind Donald Trump in the polls was like throwing gasoline on a dumpster fire, sending shockwaves of panic through his already-fragile party. Even the staunchest Biden supporters now have to face the cold, hard truth: their man is trailing behind Trump in key battleground states.

As the high rollers—big donors with even bigger concerns—start pulling their support like rats off a sinking ship, the discussions are getting louder: Is it time to show Joe the door? Hill Democrats, who have never been shy about voicing their desire to see Biden step down, are now practically screaming it from the rooftops. Damien rug-puller extraordinaire James Clyburn, who previously saved Biden’s 2020 campaign by the skin of its teeth, mysteriously canceled his CBS Face the Nation interview. Even stalwart liberal news allies are running for the hills; Fox News’ Shannon Bream reported that despite extensive outreach, not a single Biden surrogate would go on air to defend him. That’s right, not a single one.

And who could blame them? Biden’s talking points are becoming more cringe-inducing by the day. Take Rep. Adam Schiff’s lukewarm comments, for instance. Schiff, who has never met a camera he didn’t like, couldn’t muster even a tepid endorsement in the wake of Biden’s ABC interview. When Biden was asked how he’d feel if he lost to Trump, he mumbled something about being fine with it as long as he did his best. Can you hear that nail being hammered into the coffin? Because that’s certainly not what his party or the donor class wanted to hear from their candidate. 


Adam Schiff’s understated frustration was evident. The man who’d bend over backward to find a silver lining in a rainstorm couldn’t spin this debacle into something palatable. And let’s be real: the Democratic talking points need more than a little refining—they need a complete overhaul. Schiff’s carefully framed words couldn’t mask the grim reality that Biden’s candidacy is faltering.

Senator Tommy Tuberville’s remark on Fox News put it best: they’re just going to sit back and let the Democrats self-destruct. Biden’s presidency continues to be the punchline of a dark comedy that no one asked for, but everyone’s now stuck watching. The Democrats are like matadors in a bullring without a plan, and the results? A disaster, plain and simple.

Written by Staff Reports

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