Hunter Biden Becomes Gatekeeper Amid Growing Concerns Over Biden’s Mental State

Hunter Biden, a man with more legal issues than a law library, is now apparently acting as his father, Joe Biden’s, gatekeeper. It seems like the only job Hunter is qualified for these days is keeping doors closed so the rest of the world doesn’t find out what’s really going on behind them. The fact that Joe Biden, the man who can barely string together a coherent sentence without a teleprompter, is relying on Hunter to control the flow of information is just further evidence of how far gone he is mentally.

The Biden family, with their skeletons practically falling out of the closet, seems determined to cling onto power at all costs. Joe Biden, alongside his wife Jill and his troubled son Hunter, has made it clear that he’s not planning on dropping out of the re-election race unless a lightning bolt sent directly from the heavens forces him to. It’s ironic how they preach about the dangers of Trump to democracy, yet refuse to step aside for the good of their own party.

It’s a sad, but not surprising, situation to see a man in his twilight years being manipulated by his own family for their own personal gain. The writing has been on the wall for a while now, but the Bidens are so deep in their own delusion that they can’t see the damage they are causing to themselves and their party. The desperation within the Democratic Party is palpable, with internal calls for Joe Biden to drop out reaching a fever pitch. But let’s be real here, Biden isn’t going anywhere unless he’s physically unable to continue.

While Democrats scramble to figure out how to handle the Biden debacle, Republicans must be sitting back with a bag of popcorn enjoying the show. The infighting, the desperation, the pure chaos within the Democratic ranks is a sight to behold. And even if by some miracle Biden does step down, the Democrats are left with another mess on their hands. Kamala Harris, who has been less than stellar in her performance as Vice President, would be thrust into the spotlight, facing scrutiny for her previous false statements about Biden’s health.

In the end, the Biden saga is just a symptom of a larger problem within the Democratic Party. They’ve painted themselves into a corner with no clear way out. The lack of good options, the internal strife, and the looming specter of a disastrous election season all point to one conclusion – the Democrats are in for a rough ride. But hey, at least we can count on Hunter Biden to keep those gates closed tight, right?

Written by Staff Reports

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