Biden’s Inflation Fiasco: Soaring Prices & Unaffordable Underwear!

Inflation, the big bad monster that keeps haunting America’s working families, is apparently just a temporary nightmare according to the Biden White House. But let’s be real, we all knew they were lying. First, they tried to spin it, saying that inflation could actually be good for the working class and bad for the rich. Yeah, right. As if the rich, with all their money to spare, will even notice the rising costs. And now, ABC News has the audacity to claim that inflation is down, but prices are up. Seriously, folks, it’s like the newsroom has lost its grip on reality. It’s not just weird things like men’s and women’s underwear that have seen price spikes, although that’s weird enough on its own. Even common goods like bread have seen a nearly 12 percent price increase from last year. Can you believe it?

But wait, there’s more! Last month, consumer prices rose 3 percent compared to the previous year. Sure, it’s a slowdown from the peak of over 9 percent last summer, but let’s not pretend like that’s something to celebrate. The aftereffects of supply chain blockages caused by the pandemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have kept prices high for essential items like bread and frozen vegetables. Experts say it’s a result of a “mismatch between supply and demand,” but we all know that the real cause is Biden’s lackluster leadership. I mean, did we really expect anything different?

And let’s not forget about the price of underwear. Yes, even your unmentionables are not immune to the inflation monster. Women’s underwear and swimwear prices jumped over 7 percent in June compared to the previous year. And men’s underwear? It climbed over 4 percent. It’s getting expensive to wear underwear these days, folks. These are the hard-hitting issues that our country is facing under the Biden administration.

But here’s the kicker. Even though ABC News admits that prices are still soaring, they have the nerve to claim that inflation has plummeted. Are they living in an alternate reality? Maybe they missed the memo when gas prices hit over $5 a gallon or when inflation reached a 40-year high. It seems like bad economic news is often more salient to voters than good economic news. Go figure.

Look, we don’t need ABC News to tell us what we already know. We feel it every time we pay our bills or step foot in a grocery store. The Biden administration and the Democrats can try to spin the narrative, but we’re not buying it. We know who’s to blame for the inflation crisis – Joe Biden and his trillions in spending. Printing all that cash might satisfy their big government dreams, but it sure as hell isn’t helping the average American. Wake up, people. The reality is right in front of us, and it’s not pretty.

Written by Staff Reports

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