Biden’s Judicial Nominee Exposed: Zero Experience, Zero Trials, and Zero Knowledge

In a classic display of wit and legal prowess, Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy grilled judicial nominee Robin M. Meriweather about her knowledge of the Court of Federal Claims. Now, folks, let’s be honest, it didn’t go too well for Ms. Meriweather.

You see, President Joe Biden thought it was a fantastic idea to nominate someone who has absolutely zero experience in the Court of Federal Claims. And when Kennedy asked Meriweather about her experience arguing motions in that court, well, let’s just say he got a resounding “zero” as the answer. Zero! That’s right, folks, she’s argued absolutely zilch in the Court of Federal Claims.

But Kennedy wasn’t done yet. He asked Meriweather about her trial experience in the same court, and once again, the answer was a big fat zero. Can you believe it? This nominee has never, not once, tried a case in the Court of Federal Claims. And she expects us to believe she’s qualified for the job? Come on now.

But wait, it gets even better. Kennedy wanted to know the grounds for granting a new trial in the Court of Federal Claims. And guess what? Meriweather had no idea. None whatsoever. She rambled on about consulting the rules and following precedent, but couldn’t even give a single example of a ground for granting a new trial. Talk about being unprepared.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Kennedy asked Meriweather about something called a “contract of adhesion.” Now, folks, this is basic contract law stuff. But guess what? Meriweather couldn’t define it. She stumbled and fumbled, trying desperately to avoid admitting that she had no clue what it meant. Lucky for her, Kennedy filled in the gap and gave us all a lesson on adhesion contracts. Maybe he should be the one nominated for the judgeship.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty clear that Meriweather is not fit to be a judge on the Court of Federal Claims. She lacks the experience, the knowledge, and the preparation necessary for such a position. And this is just one example of a Biden nominee who falls short. It’s a pattern, folks. A pattern of incompetence and unqualified individuals being pushed through by the Democrats.

Thank goodness for senators like John Kennedy who aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions and expose the shortcomings of these nominees. We need more of that in our government. We need people who actually know what they’re doing and who will fight for the integrity of our judicial system.

So, let’s hope that the Senate sees through this charade and rejects the nomination of Robin M. Meriweather. Our courts deserve better than someone who doesn’t even know the basics. It’s time to bring competence and experience back to our judiciary.

Written by Staff Reports

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