Biden’s Michigan Meltdown: Dems’ Dire Ditching in Primaries

It was a rough night for His Fraudulency Joe Biden as he faced a massive humiliation in Tuesday’s Michigan primary. More than 100,000 Democrats chose the “uncommitted” option over the incumbent president, and boy does it show just how unpopular Biden really is!

With 95 percent of the vote counted, Biden won the primary with a mere 618,006 votes, which only adds up to 81.1 percent of the total vote — a truly pathetic showing for someone already in office. Just shows how little confidence even his own party has in ol’ Joe!

But it gets even worse for Sleepy Joe. Those 100,995 “uncommitted” votes make up a whopping 16 percent of Biden’s total vote. That’s right, 16 percent of his own party couldn’t even bring themselves to vote for him! It really makes you wonder if he can win this crucial swing state in the upcoming presidential election if Democrats can’t even get behind him.

And let’s not forget about the Republican side of things. Only 33,383 Republicans voted “uncommitted” — a measly four percent of Donald Trump’s vote total of 756,636. That’s like a little blip on the radar compared to the massive rejection Biden faced.

But wait, there’s more! Former President Trump absolutely crushed it with 756,636 total votes in the Michigan Republican primary, which tops Biden’s vote total by about 140,000 raw votes. That’s right, President Trump received more votes in Michigan than all Democrat primary votes combined. Looks like the blue wall might just get painted red come November!

To add insult to injury, the general election polling doesn’t look too good for Biden either. In the RealClearPolitics average poll of Michigan polls, Trump is leading Hunter’s Dad by a solid 5.1 points — 47.1 to 42 percent. Trump has led in the last eight Michigan polls, and Biden hasn’t led in a Michigan poll since October.

And let’s not forget about the Arab vote in Michigan. Biden is having a real tough time there, with a whopping 56 percent of the vote in Dearborn going to “uncommitted.” Ouch! It’s clear that Biden and the Democrats are losing support, and fast.

But what’s the real kicker in all of this? Biden and the Democrats are cozying up to Jew-haters in the Arab community. By doing so, they’ve alienated the majority of Americans who support Israel. Biden had to pretend to support Israel after Hamas’ atrocities, but now he’s paying the price for making deals with the devil.

In order to win reelection, Biden is having to bend over backwards for some truly evil people, but doing so might cost him the votes of normal, decent folks. The Democrat party has chosen extremists, perverts, and bigots over the rest of us, and now, at least in Michigan, Biden is paying the price.

Looks like it’s going to be a tough road ahead for His Fraudulency Joe Biden, and with the way things are going, it’s not looking too good for him. Looks like Trump might just have a real shot at taking Michigan in the next election!

Written by Staff Reports

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