Biden’s NATO Nonsense Nets Nervous Laughter, Spelling Gaffes Galore!

President Joe Biden is at it again, using precious presidential resources to take aim at Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress. This time, he released a pre-recorded video message on Tuesday evening, standing by America’s alliances and urging lawmakers to pass his national security supplemental funding bill to send more aid to Ukraine. What a hoot!

In the video, Biden is seen blabbering on about the sanctity of America’s commitment to our allies and taking a jab at Trump for his comments about NATO allies not pulling their weight. But come on, can we really trust Biden’s word on this? After the messy Afghanistan withdrawal and his failure to deter Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, it’s clear that Biden’s bark is way worse than his bite.

But what really stole the show in this comical video was the White House-produced captioning blunder. In one part, the text declared that one of America’s greatest “strenghts” is our alliances. Strenghts? Seriously, Biden’s spelling blunders are almost as entertaining as his political blunders!

Even with more than two dozen jump cuts and loads of editing, Biden and his team still couldn’t manage to pull off a gaffe-free statement. It’s almost like they were so focused on trying to edit Biden into a coherent messenger that they forgot to check for embarrassing on-screen captions. Classic Biden!

In the meantime, Biden can keep on releasing these laughable videos, and conservatives will keep on chuckling at his feeble attempts to appear strong and competent. Keep ’em coming, Joe!

Written by Staff Reports

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