Biden’s Open Border Policy Invites Brutal Gang Terror in NYC!

President Joe Biden’s border crisis is providing a lucrative opportunity for one South American criminal gang, the Tren de Aragua. This Venezuelan criminal organization has established a North American division, with its members among the 170,000 migrants who have made their way from the border to New York since last year. As reported by the New York Post, the gang is suspected to be behind a recent surge in cellphone robberies in the city. Thieves on mopeds target victims, steal their cellphones, disable the locking features, and then use the devices to drain the victims’ finances before selling the phones in South America.

Tren de Aragua has a violent history, involved in robberies, drug dealing, and human trafficking across South America. Their shocking willingness to kill women has earned them notoriety in the region, and now they’ve extended their reach to North America, directly benefiting from Biden’s border collapse. There are concerns that this gang played a role in the mob attack on two New York City police officers on January 27, which further infuriated Americans nationwide. Unfortunately, the attackers were able to walk free under New York’s Democratic “bail reform,” highlighting the consequences of lenient policies.

The gang’s presence in the US dates back to 2017, but the recent influx of Venezuelans crossing the border has provided them with an even greater opportunity for trafficking. As Venezuelans cross the border into Colombia, they are charged fees by Tren de Aragua for safe passage. This gang is so audacious that, according to security consultant Robert Alamonte, they even charge fellow Venezuelans to use federal toilet facilities at the border.

Their criminal activities don’t stop at Venezuela’s borders. In New York, the gang operates by recruiting foot soldiers from migrant shelters, specifically targeting young, idle men. Working in two-man teams on mopeds, they steal cellphones and women’s purses, which are then used for identity theft. Once the stolen goods reach a safe house, hackers gain access to bank accounts and credit cards, changing codes to prevent victims from stopping the fraudulent transactions. Joe Biden’s refusal to enforce existing laws and secure the border has allowed this criminal gang to thrive in the US. While Americans suffer from inflation and a failing economy under Biden’s leadership, Venezuelan gangsters are thriving, all thanks to him and his Democratic Party. It’s imperative that Americans remember this when it’s time to vote.

Written by Staff Reports

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