Trump’s Takeover: Eyes RNC Shakeup with MAGA Favorites

In a big move that could shake up the Republican National Committee, former President Donald Trump has thrown his support behind Michael Whatley, the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, to replace Ronna McDaniel as the head honcho of the RNC. And that’s not all – Trump is also rooting for Lara Trump, his daughter-in-law, to join the RNC as its co-chairwoman. It’s a spicy development in the world of politics, folks!

Why the sudden change, you may ask? Well, it seems like there’s been quite a bit of rumbling within the RNC, with reports swirling that McDaniel might be ready to step down from her position. It seems that Trump’s pals have been nudging her towards the exit door, especially as worries have bubbled up about the party’s cash flow.

In a typical Trump fashion, the former president didn’t mince words when it came to dishing out his support. He made it clear that the RNC needs to strap on its big-boy boots and be a top-notch partner in the next presidential election. And by “top-notch,” he means flawless, like a perfectly frosted cupcake. He wants the RNC to make sure elections are as clean as a whistle, get the vote out no matter how tough the terrain, and cozy up with his campaign to clinch that victory and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! That’s the spirit!

Whatley, in Trump’s eyes, is the perfect man for the job. Trump praised Whatley’s performance in North Carolina and his commitment to election integrity – because, you know, we can’t have any funny business going on with our elections! This endorsement isn’t a new dance for Trump and Whatley; last year, Trump gave Whatley the ol’ thumbs-up for RNC co-chairman, but he pulled out when it was clear that someone else was taking the cake.

And let’s not forget Lara Trump, who’s ready to take on the challenge of co-chairwoman. Trump gushed about her, praising her as a fab communicator and totally on-board with everything that MAGA stands for. It looks like the Trump dynasty is aiming to throw its weight around in the RNC!

But wait, there’s more! Trump also plans to back Chris LaCivita, his co-campaign manager, for the role of RNC’s chief operating officer. Trump’s not holding back when it comes to vouching for this trio, hailing them as a powerhouse team. So, it looks like the RNC could be in for a wild ride with these three amigos at the helm!

Written by Staff Reports

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