Biden’s Response to a Mother of a Fentanyl Victim Has Been “Mischaracterized,” According to the White House

The White House criticized Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene after she asked Joe Biden if he regretted laughing when he said that a mother of two sons died due to an opioid overdose.

The spokesperson for the White House said that the comments were mischaracterized. She referred to Greene as a discredited individual who makes up conspiracy theories.

Jean-Pierre stated that the public knows who Biden is due to how long he has been around.

She stated that Biden has been going through a tough time. He expressed his sympathy for the woman who died.

This week, Biden made a joke about how many Republicans are running for office due to the actions of Congressman Greene.

After reading about the woman's story, Biden said that he knew that she had lost two sons to an opioid overdose. He then joked about how the fentanyl that caused the deaths came from the previous administration.

In response, Greene posted a picture of her conversation with Rebecca Kiessling, whose sons, Kyler, 18, and Caleb, 20, died in 2020 due to an opioid overdose.

In response, she posted a video on Facebook demanding an apology from Biden. She said that he should have apologized for making the joke about her sons' deaths.

She asked Biden why he made the joke, given the increase in the number of deaths caused by fentanyl since he became the president.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner

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