Biden’s Rule Ruins 64M Contractors: Rep Kiley Fights Back!

In a shocking turn of events, the United States Department of Labor has officially rolled out a new rule that is wreaking havoc on independent contractors across the nation. With an astonishing 64 million independent professionals feeling the sting of this ill-conceived policy, it’s no wonder that Rep. Kevin Kiley (D-CA) is stepping up to the plate to try and put a stop to the madness.

But hang on just a minute here! Should we really be surprised that this rule is causing chaos and confusion? I mean, come on, folks! This is yet another example of the Biden administration sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong and messing with the very backbone of our economy – small businesses. These hard-working entrepreneurs are the ones who keep this country running, and now they’re being hit with even more red tape and headaches thanks to this disastrous ruling.

And let’s not forget the legal battles that have already started brewing over this rule. With not one, not two, but FIVE lawsuits already in the mix to stop this madness, it’s clear that there are serious concerns about the legality and impact of this rule. Even a U.S. District Court judge had the good sense to shut down another related attempt by the National Labor Relations Board to enforce a rule that would have had even more negative effects on small businesses.

Rep. Kiley hit the nail on the head when he pointed out the confusion and disruption this vague rule has caused. I mean, it’s like the Biden administration is playing a game of economic roulette with the livelihoods of hard-working Americans! We need stability and clear direction, not more uncertainty and chaos. So, kudos to Rep. Kiley for stepping up and demanding that Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su hit the brakes on this disastrous rule until the courts can sort out this mess.

And let’s not forget the brave voices from 31 policy organizations who are standing up against this onslaught on independent contracting. They’re calling out Acting Secretary Su for trying to sneak in California’s AB5 law through the back door, and rightfully so! It’s time for Congress to step in and protect American jobs and economic freedom from this overreaching government intrusion.

So, folks, let’s rally behind Rep. Kiley and Sen. Cassidy in their efforts to overturn this rule before it does any more damage. It’s time to let our elected representatives know that we won’t stand for this assault on individual liberties and economic prosperity. The power is in our hands to make a difference and protect the heart of our economy – small businesses and independent workers. Let’s make our voices heard and stand up for what’s right!

Written by Staff Reports

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