Biden’s Shame! Pays Ukraine $400M, Charges Gold Star Family $60K!

The Biden administration is once again making a move that puts America at the bottom of its priority list. The Department of Defense has just announced that they will be sending an additional $400 million in security assistance to Ukraine. This aid package includes air defense missiles, armored vehicles, and small drones. It seems that Biden cares more about Ukraine’s military than he does about our own.

This is the 43rd security assistance package that the United States has approved for Ukraine, totaling over $43 billion since Russia invaded in 2022. It’s astounding that we are sending so much money and resources to a foreign country when we have our own issues to address here at home.

Meanwhile, a Gold Star Family is being forced to bear the cost of moving their fallen daughter’s remains after she was killed during Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Nicole Gee, a 23-year-old Marine, was one of the 13 service members who died in a suicide bombing at Kabul Airport. Her family was informed that they would have to pay $60,000 to transport her body to Arlington National Cemetery.

It is absolutely unacceptable that grieving families are being burdened with the financial strain of honoring their loved ones. This is a duty that should be carried out by the government, not by the families themselves. Thankfully, a non-profit organization stepped in to help transport Nicole’s body to Arlington, but this does not excuse the government’s failure to support our fallen heroes.

The disparity in treatment between Ukraine and our own Gold Star Families is a clear reflection of the misplaced priorities of the Biden administration. It is truly disheartening to see our taxpayer dollars being funneled into a foreign conflict while our own citizens are left to suffer. Biden may claim to be putting America first, but his actions speak louder than his words. He is the “America Last” president.

Written by Staff Reports

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