Biden’s Team Bungles “Apology” VS “Regret”; Trump Calls Them Out!

Merriam-Webster, a dictionary normally used by the woke crowd, recently had to remind Biden’s team what “apology” and “regret” mean after Deputy Press Secretary Olivia Dalton embarrassed herself on the way to New Hampshire. She tried to convince everyone that Biden didn’t apologize for calling a murderer “illegal,” but only expressed “regret.” Hmm, semantics much?

The White House, in a futile attempt to save face, insisted that Biden did not apologize but simply used a “different word” during an interview on MSNBC. Really, folks? We’re playing word games now? Last time anyone checked, the man Biden referred to as “illegal” was – spoiler alert – actually in the country illegally!

It’s like the Biden team is speaking a different language – and not just because of the whole Spanish-speaking undocumented workers issue. Let’s call a spade a spade: the guy who allegedly killed Laken Riley was an illegal alien. Period. No amount of tap-dancing around the term changes that!

And get this, Trump even called out Biden for his so-called “apology,” after meeting with Laken Riley’s family. The nerve of Biden to pander to those who defend illegal immigration while ignoring the real victims of these crimes is beyond comprehension!

The incompetence of this administration is truly mind-boggling. Biden can’t even correctly say the victim’s name, let alone address the real issue at hand. Their contortionist efforts to redefine basic words like “apology” and “regret” to fit their narrative are laughable at best, pitiful at worst.

The Biden Administration’s floundering on immigration is out of control. The southern border is a mess, but rather than address the real problems, they’re busy playing word games. It’s time for a reality check, folks. Biden may be in charge, but his obliviousness speaks volumes about his ability to lead.

Come November, let’s hope we can right this ship and reclaim some common sense in the White House. Until then, buckle up for more cringeworthy moments and political acrobatics from the leader of the free world – what a joke!

Written by Staff Reports

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