Gephardt Panics, Begs Third-Party Dropouts to Boost Biden: Is Democracy at Risk?

In a recent appearance on “Morning Joe,” former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt issued a warning that has some folks scratching their heads. Gephardt, who led the House back in the ’90s, heads a group called “Citizens to Save Our Republic.” This bipartisan bunch is pleading with third-party candidates to pull out of the race, especially in swing states, to prevent spoiling the election for Joe Biden. Yes, that’s right, they want these candidates to bail to boost Biden’s chances. Now, isn’t that something!

Gephardt seems to think the 2024 election is the most critical one since the Civil War. He’s peddling the same old song that if Trump gets re-elected, “our democracy is done.” How dramatic! The nerve of these elite Democrats assuming they know what’s best for everyone. Gephardt is clearly sweating bullets at the thought of third-party candidates, like Jill Stein and the Green Party, shaking things up in the election. And let’s not forget independent candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornell West trying to make a splash on the ballot.

The real kicker is Gephardt’s comment about the Electoral College. He suggested that we need to “work around it” because it keeps putting the minority in charge. Hold on just a minute, Dick. The Electoral College is there for a reason, and it’s called balance! It ensures that all voices across the states are heard in an election, not just the loud ones in big cities. Gephardt’s hinting at some sort of plan to maneuver around the system is nothing short of alarming. Are the Democrats plotting ways to subvert the electoral process to get their way? It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve tried skirting the rules when they don’t get what they want.

It’s no secret that Democrats have a beef with the Electoral College, especially when it doesn’t swing their way. But let’s not forget that our founding fathers put it in place for a darn good reason. The Electoral College prevents tyranny of the majority and ensures that all states have a say in who becomes president. If the Democrats can’t win fair and square, they shouldn’t be scheming to change the rules. Republicans better keep an eye out for any sneaky tricks the Democrats might have up their sleeves come election time. Don’t fall for their underhanded tactics, folks!

Written by Staff Reports

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