Biden’s Web of Lies Exposed: Hunter’s Deals, Secret Calls & Million Dollar Art Scandal

The White House is in hot water once again over Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s shady foreign business dealings. The president originally denied having any knowledge or involvement in Hunter Biden’s business affairs, but it has since been revealed that he participated in at least 20 phone calls and attended various events with Hunter’s business partners. Longtime associate Devon Archer even confirmed that Joe Biden was aware of Hunter’s business and had met with his associates.

Unable to maintain the lie that he was completely oblivious to his son’s business activities, Biden and his team have changed their tune. Now they claim that Joe was never “in business” with Hunter and that their conversations were focused on trivial matters like weather and fishing. However, there are reasons to doubt this new narrative, including an allegation that Joe Biden fielded a call from Hunter’s Ukrainian employers, resulting in the firing of a prosecutor that they desired. This alleged quid-pro-quo arrangement has not been proven, but multiple aspects of the story have been corroborated.

Furthermore, text messages between Hunter Biden and his assistant suggest a financial relationship between him and his father. They discuss Joe Biden’s bills and the fact that he has been using certain accounts that Hunter has paid for over the past decade. These messages indicate a level of financial commingling between father and son, raising questions about their true involvement in each other’s business affairs.

Additionally, bank records show that millions of foreign dollars flowed into the Biden family through various shell corporations. It’s even been revealed that one of the wealthy art patrons who purchased Hunter Biden’s artwork for a staggering $1.3 million ended up landing a prestigious federal commission in the Biden administration. This blatant example of favoritism and influence-peddling is deeply troubling.


When all the evidence is considered, it becomes clear that the Bidens were indeed “in business” together. There is a pattern of financial ties, secret meetings, and political favors that cannot be dismissed. It’s time for the media and the American people to hold Joe Biden accountable for his actions and demand transparency and honesty from the highest office in the land. The fact that the White House continues to deflect and refuse to comment on these revelations only further reinforces the need for a thorough investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings.

Written by Staff Reports

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