Biden’s White House Scrambles to Quell Gaza Unrest Amid Domestic Heat

The party is divided over President Joe Biden's support for Israel during the ongoing conflict. 70% of youth voters aged 18-34 disapprove of Biden's handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict, according to a recent NBC News poll. The White House, on the other hand, disregards the significance of these figures, announcing that it will not base its decisions on public opinion.

Since the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden's approval ratings have remained stagnant in the low 40s. However, since the Hamas terrorist attacks, these ratings have declined even more significantly among the far-left, younger voters, and Muslim voters. Beyond the Democratic National Committee headquarters, these organizations have organized demonstrations in support of a cessation in the conflict.

According to Democratic strategist Brad Bannon, it is improbable that these party divisions will significantly influence the 2024 presidential election. He contends that domestic issues influence the voting decisions of Americans more than foreign policy. Young voters, despite their disapproval of Biden's handling of the conflict, will ultimately have faith in him, according to Bannon, in contrast to his Republican opponents.

The reports that Israel has targeted hospitals where Hamas operates and the civilian death toll in Gaza have dominated protests and press briefings. Officials from the Biden administration emphasize that the president advises Israel to exercise prudence and discernment in its conduct. However, Biden is encountering Left-wing disapproval due to his failure to demand a cessation of hostilities; some have even referred to him as "Genocide Joe."

Benjamin Radd, a lecturer in global studies at UCLA, argues that the far Left's endorsement of Palestinians is linked to the broader identity politics movement. Young people, according to him, have appropriated the Israel-Hamas conflict as a symbol of a larger struggle for transgender rights, civil rights, and Black Lives Matter.

Biden's alliance with Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel and a political conservative, is also receiving criticism. Radd argues that Israel has not adequately communicated the threat that Hamas and its operations near hospitals, in addition to its involvement in holding Israeli and American hostages, pose to the nation.

Biden maintains an optimistic outlook regarding the hostages, as he believes a resolution to secure their release is imminent. A favorable resolution may afford the president some domestic relief.

Furthermore, there are rumors that Biden could potentially gain from a transition in leadership within Israel. As opposed to merely Netanyahu's political agenda, removing Netanyahu from office, according to Radd, could demonstrate that the United States supports Israel as a whole.

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