Big Brands Cash In on ‘Woke Legion’: The Hidden Funds Behind Pride Month Events

Once again, another June has passed, and Pride Month in America has brought forth a multitude of events that congest the streets and feature corporate logos adorned with rainbow themes. However, a pertinent question arises: who is financing these extravagant spectacles? Townhall took it upon themselves to follow the money trail and uncover the individuals and organizations that have been pouring substantial sums of money into LGBTQ+ campaigns throughout the country, all in an attempt to “virtue-signal” their alignment with the revered “woke legion.”

Let’s delve into the financial support behind some of the prominent Pride events in America:

Washington, D.C.

The LGBTQ+ nonprofit organization, Capital Pride Alliance, spearheads the Pride Month events in the capital city. Their list of “Presidential Advocates” boasts impressive names like Amazon, MGM, and Marriott. Not far behind are automobile manufacturers, banking institutions, and alcohol corporations such as Audi, Capital One, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and Samuel Adams. These companies contribute to the annual Pride parade, trans-Pride pool parties, film festivals, and drag shows. During the main Pride Month parade, numerous well-known corporations and organizations showcased their presence with rank-and-file employees marching in the festivities, accompanied by corporate-branded parade floats and free rainbow-colored merchandise.

San Francisco

While the financial backers of San Francisco Pride remain undisclosed, the organization’s website reveals a tiered donation system, with a minimum of $30,000 required, granting greater advertising opportunities as contributions increase. San Francisco Pride claims to carefully select its corporate partners. However, the organization has faced financial challenges due to the absence of Pride parades caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

New York City

NYC Pride enjoys substantial funding, with estimated annual revenues of $1.5 billion generated from citywide Pride events. The usual suspects behind NYC Pride’s financing include Hilton, Garnier, L’Oréal, and Mastercard. Target, which recently faced criticism for removing LGBT+ merchandise from its shelves, is also a contributor.

Los Angeles

LA Pride proudly displays an extensive roster of woke corporations among its supporters, including Delta, McDonald’s, iHeart Radio, H&M, Target, and Grindr, a gay hookup app. However, LA residents are required to pay for admission to popular Pride events, including a controversial Mariah Carey and Megan Thee Stallion concert, which has sparked some backlash among Pride supporters.


Coors Light and Walmart take up prominent positions as sponsors of Denver Pride. However, Walmart has managed to avoid controversy through a more neutral approach.


While LGBTQ+ adult events are still permissible in Florida, a handful of organizers have chosen to cancel them due to laws enacted by GOP Governor Ron DeSantis, aimed at safeguarding children from far-left gender theories in public schools and protecting women’s spaces. This move has been interpreted as an unintended admission that such laws are necessary.

In conclusion, it is evident that a select group of prominent companies, major donors, and city councils led by Democrats are channeling substantial financial resources into LGBTQ+ campaigns throughout America, all in a bid to curry favor with the revered “woke legion.” While certain corporations carefully choose their partners based on a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, others seek to capitalize on Pride events for profit. Regardless of their motives, corporate funding has undeniably become an integral component of Pride Month events across the United States.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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