FBI Accused of Spreading Trump Rumors, Ignoring Dem’s China Spy Link

On Wednesday, Troy Nehls, a Republican from Texas and a member of the House of Representatives, went after the FBI. He said that the FBI was spreading lies about former President Donald Trump. Nehls says that the FBI spread unproven rumors about "salacious sexual conduct" by Trump, such as the "pee tape" that got a lot of attention. There is no solid information to back up these claims. Nehls harshly criticized the Bureau and insisted that they were trying to ruin Trump's image. He said, "If you want to upset a suburban mom at home five months before an election, tell her that the leading Republican candidate is peeing on prostitutes."

Nehls also said that the FBI had a double standard by putting a lot of attention on false accusations against Trump while not looking into Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell's ties to Fang, who Nehls called "Yum Yum." Fang is a suspected Chinese spy. Nehls criticized the FBI, saying that they seemed to have ignored the problem with Swalwell in favor of making false accusations against Trump.

Fang helped raise money for Swalwell's 2014 re-election campaign, and she also put an intern in Swalwell's congressional office based on her suggestion. After the FBI told Swalwell that they were looking into Fang, he said he had no more contact with her. Nehls called out this obvious hypocrisy, saying, "We know that a member of this committee, who I call Yum Yum, is said to have had an affair with a Chinese spy, but this is a new low for anyone, and I hope Mr. Swalwell would agree with me."

It seems clear that the FBI has been picking political sides and is still caught up in the anti-Trump rage that has been plaguing the country since he was elected. It's time for Americans to stop believing these false accusations and demand that our law enforcement agents be open and consistent. Nehls was right on the mark when he pointed out that the FBI seems to be biased.

Written by Staff Reports

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