Bill Maher Defends DeSantis, Roasts Biden & Woke Left: Can Liberals Handle It?

Bill Maher, love him or hate him, has managed to find some common ground with conservatives on a few key issues. Despite his often controversial and unpredictable nature, Maher has stood up for free speech without any exceptions and has openly criticized the destructive woke leftism that has infiltrated our society. In fact, he even joked that this is why he has no friends in Tinseltown. And recently, he invited none other than Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, onto his show Real Time.

Now, let’s be honest, this interview might have given some liberals a serious case of heart palpitations. Maher even quipped that if DeSantis had run a successful campaign, he probably wouldn’t be interviewing him right now. During the interview, Maher took a hilarious jab at North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, suggesting that he has no chance of winning the nomination, not even if he started dating Taylor Swift. Ouch.

But despite the playful banter, Maher actually gave DeSantis a strong defense when it came to handling the pandemic. Maher applauded the governor’s response to COVID-19, pointing out that Florida’s death rate was actually lower than the national average. He also called out The New York Times for publishing a “despicable” article about DeSantis. This moment showcased Maher’s ability to be a better executive editor than most, emphasizing the importance of reporting the facts accurately. As a comedian, he has truly mastered the art of political commentary.

Of course, Maher didn’t shy away from bringing up DeSantis’ association with election deniers during the interview. But, to his credit, DeSantis handled the question well, highlighting how even Democrats believed the 2016 election was rigged. He also reminded Maher of the Hollywood ads urging electors not to vote for Trump. It’s refreshing to see a fair and balanced interview that holds both sides accountable.

Maher’s New Rule segment was a sight to behold. He went on a tirade against Biden’s re-election prospects, warning that he might be too old and could be the only Democrat who can lose to Trump in 2024. Maher clearly isn’t buying into the idea that Biden’s 2020 victory guarantees his success in the future. He cautioned that Biden runs the risk of pulling a Ruth Bader Ginsburg, holding onto power when he should retire and doing irreparable damage to his party.

And let’s not forget Maher’s clever comparison between Trump and Biden’s appearance. While Trump appears robust and full of life, Biden, according to Maher, resembles a walking skeleton. It’s an amusing observation that highlights the stark contrast between the two leaders.

For now, whether we like it or not, Biden is the Democratic Party’s nominee. But hey, who knows what could happen in the future? As Maher himself has said, “things change.” So, let’s keep our eyes open and be prepared for whatever comes next.

Written by Staff Reports

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