Trump Campaign Lays Down the Law for RNC Post GOP Debate!

In a move that has conservatives cheering and liberals cringing, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Trump adviser Chris LaCivita are both urging the Republican National Committee (RNC) to cancel future debates. LaCivita sent a fiery statement from Trump’s press office, stating that the recent GOP debate was “as boring and inconsequential as the first debate” and called for an end to any further primary debates. According to LaCivita, President Trump is already dominating the primary contest and has an impressive lead over Joe Biden in the general election. LaCivita argues that the RNC should focus its efforts on taking down “Crooked Joe Biden” instead of wasting time and money on more debates.

This call to cancel future debates is echoed by Gingrich, who bluntly states, “Donald Trump will be the nominee, they might as well quit having the various debates because they don’t work, they’re not helping anybody.” Gingrich firmly believes that the race is over and that it’s time for Republicans to rally behind Trump if they want to prevent a Biden victory. With both LaCivita and Gingrich on board, it seems that the RNC may seriously consider pulling the plug on future debates.

As expected, this controversial suggestion has ignited a fierce debate among Republicans. Some argue that canceling debates would stifle important discussions and prevent candidates from addressing key issues. However, others believe that the debates have become redundant, as Trump maintains a significant lead in the primary election and is seen as the strongest candidate against Biden. The third GOP debate, which is currently scheduled for November 8th in Miami, may face an uncertain future as the RNC weighs the benefits and drawbacks of continuing with the contest. Whether canceled or not, it’s clear that the call to end future debates reflects a growing sense of confidence among Republicans in Trump’s prospects for success.

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