Bobulinski Grills AOC, Exposes Biden Scandal; She’s Left Speechless!

In the latest bombshell revelations, Tony Bobulinski, a former associate of Hunter Biden, really let loose on Wednesday. Not only did he drop the bomb about Hunter and Jim Biden possibly lying under oath, but he also took on Rep. Jamie Raskin and Rep. Dan Goldman for spreading falsehoods. And boy, did he leave Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a puddle with her “gotcha questions.”

Bobulinski showed some serious backbone when AOC tried to corner him with her questions about President Joe Biden’s potential involvement in criminal activities. He calmly listed off corruption statutes, RICO laws, FARA violations, and conspiracy accusations he observed. But AOC wasn’t having it – she interrupted him, got flustered, and even claimed RICO was not a crime, earning herself a “Community Note” for that blunder.

Sen. Ted Cruz swooped in to set AOC straight, reminding her not to underestimate someone like Bobulinski, especially when it comes to legal matters. But did she listen? Nope! AOC continued her tantrum, showing that she wasn’t ready for a debate with someone who actually knows the law.

It’s crystal clear that AOC and her Democrat pals are avoiding the tough questions about the Biden family’s shady dealings with foreign nationals and governments. They’d rather deflect and play games than face the music about possible compromises Joe Biden might have made. It’s no surprise that they’re allergic to the truth when it comes to holding their own accountable for any wrongdoing.

Written by Staff Reports

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