Breaking: Was DC Insider Behind Push for Trump’s Monday Indictment, Asks Gingrich?

In a recent conversation with Charlie Kirk, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich dropped a bombshell allegation. He claimed that someone from Washington, D.C. had pressured Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to indict former President Donald Trump. According to Gingrich, this mysterious individual made the call on Friday evening, demanding that the indictment be announced by Monday. The purpose behind this urgency, Gingrich suggests, was to divert attention from a potential mishap involving David Weiss, who was granted special counsel status in the investigation of Hunter Biden.

Now, it’s important to note that Gingrich’s account is based on hearsay, but he claims to trust the reliability of his source. If true, this revelation could shed light on Willis’ late-night press conference, where she appeared exhausted, and the subsequent leak of the indictment. It may also explain the errors in the clerk document. Overall, this alleged pressure from Washington to indict Trump could be seen as a politically motivated attempt to cover up mistakes made in the investigation of Hunter Biden.

And speaking of the indictment, on Monday, Georgia state prosecutors brought charges against Donald Trump, only to quickly remove the document shortly after. The charges mentioned a violation of the state’s RICO Act as well as allegedly urging a public official to break their oath. However, Willis later claimed that the document was “fictitious” and questioned the authenticity of the screenshot shared by Reuters. She even passed the buck to the clerk when questioned about the incident during a press conference.

But here’s the kicker: less than 24 hours later, Willis’ office changed their tune entirely. They released a press release stating that the uploaded document was just a “trial run” conducted by the Fulton County clerk. It’s quite the flip-flop, to say the least. Legal experts have already weighed in, suggesting that the Trump legal team will likely use this leak as grounds for a mistrial. All of this raises serious doubts about the integrity and transparency of the indictment process, and it’s a troubling sign of potential political bias against President Trump.

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