Breitbart Editor Slams Biden Over Israel, Cites Impeachment Grounds

Breitbart big shot and author extraordinaire, Alex Marlow, came out swinging on Fox Business Network, claiming that President Biden’s decision to hold back weapons from Israel despite Congress giving the green light is grounds for impeachment. You could almost feel the heat rising as Marlow pointed out that when Trump hesitated on sending money to Ukraine (which eventually came through, mind you), he faced the whole impeachment shebang. But Biden? Oh boy, he’s playing with fire by stiff-arming Congress during wartime. It’s like taking a free pizza coupon and saying, “Nah, not today,” when it’s dinner time.

The ever-insightful Larry Kudlow chimed in, drawing parallels between Trump’s impeachment saga and Biden’s weapon-wrangling. Congress signed off on the cash flow to Israel through the Appropriations Bill and the National Defense Authorization Bill, but Biden’s all like, “Eh, thanks but no thanks.” Kudlow’s not having it – you can’t just shrug off Congress like a kid dodging chores. It’s a big no-no, especially when other countries are gearing up for battle.

Marlow doubled down, claiming the Dems are hoisting themselves by their own petard. I mean, they tried to take down Trump for supposedly similar shenanigans. This time, though, it’s crystal clear – Congress gave the green light, Biden slammed on the brakes. It’s like promising your friend a piece of cake and then eating it all yourself. Not cool, Joe, not cool at all.

The alarm bells are ringing in Marlow’s camp – he’s foreseeing a grim future where Israel might have to put boots on the ground due to this weapon wither-away. According to Marlow, Biden’s hands are stained with the blood of potential casualties. Ouch, that’s a heavy accusation to sling. Promising to have Israel’s back and then pulling the rug out? That’s a broken promise as big as a dinosaur bone. And let’s not forget the political fallout looming over Biden like a storm cloud. It’s shaping up to be a bumpy ride for the President. Brace yourself, Joe!

Written by Staff Reports

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