Bidenomics Crushes Small Restaurants Amid Inflation Surge

In many parts of the United States, restaurants, especially small, locally owned ones, are struggling under the weight of inflation and misguided policies coming out of the Biden administration. Visits to sit-down restaurants were down nearly five percent in 2023, showing the impact of Bidenomics on the industry. Even in big cities like New York, over 40 bars and restaurants closed in just a month, with some owners citing the lack of business post-lockdowns.

The situation is even worse in the Midwest, where restaurants can’t rely on tourist traffic like in other areas. Cities like Des Moines are seeing many closures due to lower foot traffic, leaving even the remaining regulars noticing the decrease in patrons. The government’s interference, including inflationary spending and raising the minimum wage, is only making it harder for small eateries to stay afloat.

Restaurants, which already operate on thin profit margins, are facing a tough time surviving with the current economic conditions. The Biden administration’s reckless economic policies, coupled with state regulations like California’s minimum wage increase, are exacerbating the challenges for restaurant owners. The government’s shutdowns and loans during the pandemic have disrupted the industry, leading to more people cooking and eating at home.

Whenever the government interferes in the economy, it tends to make things worse, as seen with the current state of the restaurant industry. Both Joe Biden and California Governor Gavin Newsom lack the understanding to address these issues effectively, leaving businesses to suffer. It is crucial to have competent public servants who can navigate these economic challenges, but until then, restaurants will continue to face an uphill battle to survive.

Written by Staff Reports

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