McCaul Slams Biden for Withholding Key Weapons from Israel Amid Conflict

Republican Congressman Michael McCaul criticized President Joe Biden for withholding “precise” weaponry from Israel during its ongoing conflict with Hamas. McCaul, who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, expressed concern that the president’s decision contradicts the intent of Congress, which had approved the weaponry for Israel to use in its efforts to combat Hamas.

McCaul’s remarks came during an appearance on This Week, where he emphasized the importance of providing Israel with precision-guided weapons to minimize civilian casualties. He also highlighted the passage of the Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, which allocated an additional $26.38 billion to Israel, despite opposition from some representatives. McCaul pointed out that the delay in supplying these weapons could send a negative message to the rest of the world and potentially undermine trust in the United States.

Additionally, McCaul raised concerns about the implications of withholding support for Israel while simultaneously providing substantial aid to Ukraine. He suggested that such actions could be interpreted as a lack of commitment to allies and could be seen as a signal by countries like Russia and China. He stressed the importance of demonstrating unwavering support for allies and warned of the potential consequences of jeopardizing these relationships.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has resulted in a significant number of casualties in Gaza, with the local health ministry reporting approximately 34,000 Palestinians killed. While the exact breakdown of combatants versus non-combatants is not specified, the ministry claims that a majority of the casualties are women and children.

In response to concerns raised about the supply of offensive weapons to Israel, President Biden stated in an interview with CNN that he would not provide such weapons that could potentially be used in specific areas within Gaza. McCaul’s criticism of the president’s decision reflects the broader conservative viewpoint that emphasizes unwavering support for Israel and concerns about the potential impact on U.S. alliances and global perceptions.

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