Canceled Hearing Exposes Smith’s Questionable Tactics in Trump Case

According to a CNN report, Judge Aileen Cannon of the District of Columbia has canceled a hearing that was scheduled to discuss the protective order that was issued to protect the classified information in former President Trump's documents. This move is a setback for Smith and shows that he is not committed to upholding the law.

A.R. Hoffman of the New York Sun stated that the approach used by Smith indicting has been suspect. He claimed that the former could be trying to avoid unfavorable outcomes by bringing another case to Washington, D.C., which could be an escape hatch. It indicates that he no longer believes in the concept of due process and fairness.

According to Hoffman, grand juries should be empaneled in the place where the crime was committed. By moving the case to DC, Smith is suggesting that the documents' classification was unlawful because they were taken away from the White House and were used at Mar-aLago. It is an ill-advised attempt to influence the system.

If Smith decides to bring the case to Washington, DC, he would get a jury pool composed of people from a Democratic stronghold, which raises concerns about the trial's impartiality and fairness. It's clear that he's more concerned with political gain than justice.

The case will be handled by Judge Tanya Chutkan who has been accused of being biased by Republicans. This move undermines the proceedings' credibility. It is essential for judges to be unbiased and follow the Constitution's principles. Unfortunately, Smith seems to be playing a dangerous game by trusting Chutkan.

Jonathon Turley, a legal scholar, criticized Smith's actions. He stated that he was trying to criminalize the expression protected by the First Amendment. It is alarming to see that Smith is using the law to silence critics and suppress political discourse.

Cannon's decision to rescind the request of Special Counsel Jack Smith to reschedule the hearing regarding the classified information leak is a resounding rebuke of his steadfast dedication to upholding the law. It also shows that he is not capable of following the Constitution's principles. Smith's transparent attempt to manipulate the jury pool and bring the case to Washington, D. C., is a clear indication that he is not committed to following the law. It's imperative that we continue to vigilant about upholding the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

Written by Staff Reports

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