CNN Exposes Left’s Debt Ceiling Fiasco, 60% Americans Demand Spending Cuts

The Left’s plan to max out America’s credit card just hit another roadblock, as CNN’s Poppy Harlow grilled Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal on the looming debt ceiling issue, exposing a growing disconnect between the far-left political stance and the voice of the American majority. During the interview, Harlow cited a recent CNN poll, revealing that 60% of Americans say Congress should only raise the debt ceiling if it comes with spending cuts at the same time, a stance supported by 58% of independents.

Jayapal tried to deflect from the poll’s core finding and suggested that if the poll had asked if people would rather cut spending by reducing tax breaks for the wealthiest or cutting their own healthcare and education, the results would lean more towards the former. But she conveniently sidestepped the fact that the poll specifically queried raising the debt ceiling in conjunction with spending cuts.

The exchange underlines a growing divide between the far Left and fiscal responsibility favored by the American public, which sees this situation as another example of the Democrats’ unwillingness to provide guidelines for their reckless spending.

Senator Ted Cruz expressed serious concerns over the potential of a default on the national debt due to the Biden administration’s handling of the debt ceiling debacle. He criticized the Biden administration for its alleged reliance on young, radical staff who he argues lack the experience and understanding to fully comprehend the implications of a debt default.

Cruz also expressed frustration at the apparent lack of communication between the President and Republican Senators. While Cruz spoke with President Trump every week or even every day in the past, President Biden doesn’t talk to Republican Senators and that’s weird, according to Cruz. President Biden’s lack of communication with the opposing party is a polar shift from his predecessor and shows the disconnect between the administration and legislative branch.

The growing rift between the Left and the American public on this crucial issue is a worrying sign for the country’s economic future. It’s time for the Democrats to listen to the majority and behave fiscally responsibly for the sake of the country’s future.

Written by Staff Reports

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