CNN & MSNBC Viewers in Ignorant Bliss: Biden’s Dark Secrets Hidden by Leftist Media

In a shocking twist of events, a new poll reveals that viewers of CNN and MSNBC are woefully uninformed about the troubles plaguing the Biden White House. It seems that those who rely on these liberal news networks are living in a state of blissful ignorance, unaware of important issues such as the lack of border security, the disastrous economic policies of Joe Biden, and the growing financial scandals involving the President and his family.

According to the poll conducted by the Media Research Center, a majority of Fox News and Newsmax viewers were aware of these news stories, while fewer than 50% of CNN and MSNBC viewers had the same information. This glaring gap in knowledge averaged at 23.5%, highlighting the stark difference in factual information between conservative and liberal cable news audiences.

MRC President L. Brent Bozell III astutely observed, “This poll is just more evidence of the leftist media’s corrupt election interference. It’s no surprise that voters who rely on these leftist cable networks for their news are vastly less aware of Joe Biden’s multiple scandals and policy disasters.” Clearly, CNN and MSNBC are deliberately burying the truth to protect Joe Biden from the consequences of his own failures.

The question that begs to be asked is how such supposedly smart and righteous individuals can be so uninformed about the mounting issues and scandals surrounding the current White House occupant. It appears that their self-righteousness and smugness have clouded their ability to engage with critical information. It’s both baffling and disheartening to witness the disconnect between what these news networks claim to be and the reality of their viewers’ limited awareness.

Interestingly, one liberal voice in the form of Bill Maher has been warning his fellow liberals about the biased slant of CNN and MSNBC. Maher, though certainly not a conservative, has consistently advocated for free speech and the First Amendment, even if it means going against the popular narratives of his side. His willingness to challenge his own camp sets him apart and highlights the importance of seeking diverse perspectives and questioning mainstream narratives.

The fact remains that liberal news networks like CNN and MSNBC consistently fail to report on stories that could damage the reputation of the Bidens. They prioritize protecting their ideological allies over informing the public. If it were Donald Trump Jr. involved in even a fraction of the scandals surrounding Hunter Biden, you can be sure that CNN and MSNBC would make it front-page news. This asymmetrical reporting is a disservice to the public, leading to a dangerous decline in the level of knowledge among Americans.

This poll serves as a stark reminder that our country is veering further into a state of ignorance. While the resources and technology for knowledge are readily available, many choose to remain blissfully unaware. However, there is hope in individuals like Bill Maher, who are willing to challenge their own side and encourage others to seek the truth. It is crucial for conservatives to follow suit and strive for intellectual honesty and curiosity.

In conclusion, the disparity between conservative and liberal news networks is glaringly evident in the recent poll. CNN and MSNBC viewers are shockingly ill-informed about the troubles facing the Biden White House. It’s time for Americans to break free from ideological echo chambers and demand unbiased, factual reporting. Only then can we begin to bridge the knowledge gap and foster a more informed and engaged society.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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