Creepy Video of Bill Clinton Being Confronted About Epstein Scandal Gets Over 1 Million Views!

A video showing a journalist asking former President Bill Clinton about his alleged friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child sex trafficker, has gone viral.

The clip, which clocks in at 17 seconds, shows a close-up of Clinton talking about his alleged friendship with Epstein.

Epstein, who is a wealthy financier, had been friendly with prominent individuals, such as Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. After his conviction, these individuals distanced themselves from him.

The video, which was posted on Twitter by a user named Juan More News, shows a journalist interviewing Clinton at a political rally in Texas. The reporter, who identifies himself as a bilingual journalist, said that he filmed the encounter at the event, which was held for Henry Cuellar, a Democratic representative from Texas. More than 1.6 million people viewed the clip.

In the video, Clinton is shown leaning forward as the journalist asks him about his alleged connection with Epstein.

As he leaned back, Clinton smiled at the journalist, and an aide tried to pull him away from the situation. However, as he started to move along, Clinton said that the evidence was clear. He then thanked the people who attended the event and shook their hands.

According to flight logs, Clinton, Trump, and Prince Andrew had all traveled on Epstein’s private jet. It was referred to as the “Lolita Express” by the locals of Little St. James, who reportedly noticed how frequently young girls were flown there.

Neither Trump nor Clinton have been accused of any wrongdoing. They also stated that they have never been to Little St. James.

A spokesperson for Clinton stated that a statement made three years ago regarding his alleged connection with Epstein still stands.

In that statement, Clinton confirmed that he had been on Epstein’s plane and that he had not been to Little St. James. He also stated that he had not spoken to Epstein in over a decade.

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