Twitter Employees BUSTED For Selling Blue Check Status

It has been revealed that former employees of Twitter were scamming their way into a supposedly prestigious status symbol by asking people for money.

The latest news is brought to you by Tap below. Follow us to stay informed about what's happening on Twitter. The blue check is a popular status symbol on the platform, but a new release revealed that there was a catch.

Elon Musk is currently overhauling Twitter, and he has revealed various internal initiatives and plans to define the platform's usage. Following his takeover, a report emerged that employees were scamming their way into people's accounts by selling their verification badges.

The chairman of Wall Street Bets claimed that employees of Twitter were asking people for money to confirm their status. He said that in some cases, they would refuse to provide their users with the necessary information.

Elon Musk responded to the report by saying that there was an investigation needed. He also noted that there were message chains showing the transactions that were made. According to the report, it was possible that the Big Tech industry was corrupt.

A post on Wall Street Bets featured a series of photos of what appeared to be a Twitter employee asking for money to buy verification.
In one of the photos, the employee is seen talking to a person who is looking to get verified on Twitter. The conversation shows that the individual needed to spend around $15,000 to get the account verified.

The photos that appeared on Wall Street Bets showed the employee getting very dumb. It seems that they were getting ready to be exposed to the world because of what they were doing.
Elon Musk has to have his hands full as Twitter is reportedly rotten to the core. His recent release of various departments revealed that he is doing his best to address the issues that were left behind by the company's former leaders.

However, it has been revealed that there is evidence of corruption within the blue check status symbol. It is hoped that this issue will be resolved soon, as conservative outlets should be given this status.

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