Cruz Blasts Biden’s ‘Cover-Up’ Special Counsel Choice!

The appointment of David Weiss as the special counsel in the Hunter Biden affairs has drawn criticism from Senator Ted Cruz. In a recent interview, Cruz called the appointment a “cover-up” and “disgraceful.” He argued that Weiss, who has spent the past five years covering the investigation into Hunter Biden, was not the right choice for the job.

Cruz also highlighted that Weiss is facing two whistleblower complaints from IRS officials, who claim that they have never seen an investigation like this in their time in law enforcement. According to Cruz, these officials allege that the Department of Justice, under Weiss’s leadership, protected the Biden family and gave them a heads up before search warrants were executed.

The Texas senator emphasized that if evidence of bribery allegations against Biden involving foreign oligarchs continues to grow, Biden should be removed from office and prosecuted. He believes that the American people deserve to know the truth and have confidence in the Department of Justice.

Other Republicans have also voiced their concerns about Weiss’s appointment. Former Vice President Mike Pence called it “appropriate,” while Senator Tim Scott described it as a “forceful sign” that nothing has changed in the DOJ. Both expressed their commitment to uncovering the facts in the Hunter Biden case.

Overall, it is clear that many Republicans are skeptical of Weiss’s appointment and believe that it undermines the integrity of the investigation into Hunter Biden. They are calling for transparency and accountability to ensure justice is served.

Written by Staff Reports

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