Demm Poll Worker BUSTED For Election Interference

It’s clear that Democrats are nervous about the upcoming elections in 2022, as it feels like they’re getting ready for another round of cheating. After all, after all, after the scandals that occurred in 2020, it’s no wonder Americans are expecting the party to try and steal another one. In Indiana, a man was recently removed from his position as a poll worker due to allegations of election interference.

I thought the Democrats would never allow this to happen.

According to Fox News, an election office in Indiana reportedly removed a poll worker after he was accused of urging voters to stay away from casting their ballots for certain candidates. Local election officials claimed that the man had been trying to influence the voters.

The incident reportedly happened at a polling place in Indiana's Hamilton County. However, the county's election administrator, Beth Sheller, refused to confirm the worker's identity during an interview with Fox News Digital. She also revealed that the inspector at the location had reported the incident.

According to Sheller, the inspector had learned about two separate instances in which the worker allegedly made an attempt to influence the voters. The man, who was identified by Tony Kinnett of the political website Chalkboard Review as James Zheng, is now being investigated by the local sheriff's office.

In the first instance, the worker reportedly spoke with two African-American voters who were trying to avoid supporting pro-parent candidates for school board. Sheller explained that the man claimed that the activists were "racist". He then told the voters that they should not vote for the pro-parent candidates.

After the two voters had already voted, they approached the activists outside to inform them about what the poll worker had said. The activists then raised their concerns with the workers inside. One of the campaigners for one of the candidates was also present during the incident.

Sheller said that the inspector learned about another instance in which the worker tried to influence the voters. She said that during an explanation of the electronic ballot, the worker pressed the "Straight Democrat ticket" option before explaining how to change the selection. However, the voter was confused and informed another worker about the issue, who then allowed her to cast a legitimate ballot. The inspector then informed the other worker about the incident.

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