Soft-On-Crime Radicalism Destroying New York Might Destroy Democrats

During a recent debate in New York, the topic of crime came up. Kathy Hochul, the incumbent governor, asked her Republican challenger, Lee Zeldin, why he cared about it. Since she took office, New York City has experienced several violent incidents, including murder.

In New York, voters headed to the polls to decide the governor's race. According to a new survey, the race between Zeldin and Cuomo has been tied at just 7 points. This is a significant turnaround from the last few polls, which showed the two candidates running neck-and-neck. The Trafalgar Group, which has been reliable in its surveys, used a different methodology to arrive at the results.

Since the state's cashless bail laws took effect, violent criminals have been able to commit more crimes, which has led to more murders and traumatizing incidents for the innocent victims.

Estranged Husband Executes Wife

According to the New York Post, Bennefield was charged with murder on October 4. He was released after he was unable to secure bail due to the low-level charges. He then allegedly killed his estranged wife while she was driving with their children to school.

A man was charged with shooting and killing his estranged wife in front of their children last week after he was released from jail the previous day. According to the New York Daily News, Adam Bennefield was apprehended earlier this year after he was caught on camera beating a woman identified as Keaira Bennefield. He was charged with various crimes, including assault, menacing, and criminal damage.

McDonald’s Axe Attacker Arrested Again

A man named Michael Palacios was apprehended after witnesses said he attacked customers with an axe inside a McDonald's restaurant in New York City. According to Fox News, he got into an argument with a group of men before pulling out an ax and smashing a glass partition. Despite this, he was still able to walk out of jail without bail.
After being released, Palacios was arrested once more for allegedly stealing a bike, as well as for graffiti. He was still able to walk out of jail without bail.

Homeless Man Murders Father of Two

A homeless man named Alvin Charles was charged with murder after he stabbed a man named Tommy Bailey to death in Brooklyn. At the time of the incident, Charles was on supervised release for stabbing a straphanger in 2021.

The New York Post reported that the prosecutors in the case asked for a bail of $50,000 for Charles, but the judge decided to allow him to be released on supervised release. He was scheduled to appear in court later this month.

According to Jaylin, Bailey's neighbor, if the authorities had done something about the incident back then, he would still be alive. He said that the people responsible for his death would have faced the consequences of their actions.

Hochul’s New York

Today, the people of New York have the opportunity to make a huge difference in the way that the state's bail system is conducted. They can either vote for the status quo, which is exactly what the Democrats have been doing, or they can elect a candidate who is against bail radicalism.

Although Hochul doesn't know why crime is such an important issue to her opponent, these examples show that the lack of bail has led to the murder of innocent people.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on THE FEDERALIST.

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