Democrats Panic as Biden Stumbles in Debate, Push to Oust Him from 2024 Race

National Democrats are stumbling through a chaotic week as party elites and their media allies scramble to pressure Old Joe out of the presidential race. The clock’s ticking towards their nominating convention in Chicago, but these folks need a refresher on integrity. For years, they’ve dismissed any mention of Biden’s obvious mental decline as right-wing nonsense. After an embarrassing debate crash on June 27, their flimsy façade has shattered. Suddenly, the same Democrats who swore Biden was fit for office are pushing to give him the boot.

One can only imagine the backroom drama. Some Democrats want Biden gone, others are indecisively fretting, and a few seem paralyzed by uncertainty. Meanwhile, another faction still champions Biden, grasping at straws and dragging their reluctant colleagues along. Ruining their cocktail parties with endless meetings, the Democrats are playing a frantic game of “How do we fix our mess?” Key obstacles remain: the center-left isn’t united, the alternative candidate (Kamala Harris, anyone?) isn’t universally accepted, and Biden himself is determined to stay in the race.

Even with Biden’s stubborn grip on the nomination, his party’s members are left gnashing their teeth. After all, the president walked away from an elementary primary with millions of Democrat votes. If he insists on staying, there’s not much the panic-stricken elites can do. What’s unfolding is a dramatic showdown. The Democrats are locked in a high-stakes game of chicken: either Biden caves in or the doubters swallow their pride and feign unity. It’s a lose-lose scenario in the making.

Imagine if Biden were polling ahead of Trump. The current meltdown would vanish like a puff of smoke. The Democrats would soldier on with bravado, embracing Biden’s every misstep. Instead, they reluctantly acknowledge his incapacity, not out of concern for governance but because Trump’s surging polls threaten their grip on power. The spectacle we’re seeing isn’t about Biden’s capability; it’s about salvaging their electoral chances.

Trump and the Republicans, meanwhile, must be quietly chuckling. The Dems played dirty with the Russia collusion hoax and the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up. Now, their deceit is hitting them where it hurts. The president is shielded by his close aides and a son who attends high-level White House meetings while juggling a record of felony convictions. The so-called guardians of democracy are contemplating negating millions of votes to replace Biden with someone more palatable like Harris, who is a disaster in her own right.

If Trump wants to seal the deal, he might consider an unconventional move: publicly calling for Biden to step down. That’s guaranteed to provoke a knee-jerk reaction from the Left—if Trump says it, they’ll likely do the opposite. It’s a strategic masterstroke that could force wavering Democrats to circle the wagons around Biden, much to their chagrin. The Democrats are on the brink, and Trump’s got a golden opportunity to push them over the edge while they scramble over their self-made ruin. Tick-tock, Democrats. Tick tock.

Written by Staff Reports

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