Democrats Struggle to Unify as Doubts About Biden’s Stamina Grow

The Democrats are clutching onto Biden like a life raft in a stormy sea, but behind closed doors, many are evidently worried that their captain is too old and frail to make it through another voyage. The party faithful are trying to put on a united front, but the cracks are showing, and it’s clear that not everyone is convinced that Captain Joe is the right man to steer their ship away from the Trump iceberg.

House and Senate Democrats might publicly rally behind Biden, but there’s a lot of unease in private caucus meetings. Some members, reflecting their constituents’ concerns, doubt Biden has enough gas left in the tank for a second term. Democratic leaders claim that when push comes to shove, they’ve got Biden’s back, but they can’t even hide the doubts simmering just below the surface.

Representative Jared Huffman from California is trying to assure everyone that the party will come together because the last thing they want is for Trump to get back into the Oval Office. It sounds more like a desperate attempt to convince themselves than a confident prediction. Huffman insists the family will work it out and win the next election, but given the current state of affairs, that looks more like wishful thinking than a solid strategy.

In typical Democrat fashion, House members had a secretive meeting to vent their frustrations about Biden being their guy. Not to be outdone, Senate Democrats had their own session, extending their usual lunch meeting to hash out the Biden conundrum. Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan tried to keep the lid on things by calling it a “private family discussion,” but the evasiveness of other senators speaks volumes about what’s really going on.

Senator Mark Warner initially planned to rally his worried colleagues into pressing Biden to step down but backed out when the plan was leaked. Now, he’s just encouraging Biden to be more vocal, a half-hearted suggestion that seems more like damage control. Publicly, no senators are daring to call for Biden to bow out, but the vague and guarded responses from the Senate crowd suggest there’s more to the story.

There’s also growing unrest among House Democrats. Representative Greg Landsman wants Biden to quit complaining about his colleagues on TV and focus on selling his case to Americans. According to Landsman, only a relentless campaign can turn the tide, but does Biden have the stamina for it? Representatives Lloyd Doggett from Texas and Mike Quigley from Illinois still harbor doubts but say they’ll fall in line if Biden is nominated, emphasizing the party’s desperation to avoid another Trump presidency.

Democratic leaders are putting on their best poker faces. House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries talks about ongoing candid discussions while Caucus Chair Pete Aguilar reassures everyone that they are rallying behind the nominee who can beat Trump. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer sticks to his talking point, repeating repeatedly that he’s with Joe. It’s a thin veneer of unity covering a deep well of anxiety.

It’s a classic Democratic scene: rally around their aged leader publicly while grappling with severe cases of cold feet in private. All eyes are on them as they try to convince themselves and the voters that they’ve got everything under control.

Written by Staff Reports

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