Wealthy Boomers Flock to Texas Escaping High Costs and Bringing Economic Boost

In the latest buzz out of Texas, it appears Baby Boomers are bringing more than just their nostalgia for the good old days to the table – they’re also bringing big bucks. According to reports, Georgetown, Texas is experiencing a surge in its population, thanks to an influx of wealthy Boomers making their way into the city.

Now, while some may picture these retirees rolling into town with wheelbarrows full of cash, the reality is a bit more nuanced. Federal Reserve data indicates that Boomers do indeed hold a significant portion of the nation’s wealth, with many owning their homes outright and relying on a mix of retirement funds for income.

It’s no surprise that Texas is a hotspot for these folks. The Lone Star state has long been a magnet for those looking to stretch their dollars further. And for the Boomers heading to age-restricted communities like Sun City Texas, it’s like college without the classes, but with a hefty bank account to boot. 


Of course, this trend has sparked the age-old debate about generational wealth disparities. While Boomers may be sitting pretty in terms of net worth, younger generations are struggling to catch up. But let’s face it – building wealth takes time, and most Boomers have put in the years of hard work to reach their current financial status.

So, as the Boomers settle into their well-deserved retirement years in the Lone Star state, let’s not begrudge them their moment in the sun. After all, if anyone’s earned the right to kick back and enjoy the fruits of their labor, it’s this generation.

Written by Staff Reports

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