Hunter Biden Attends Top-Level Meetings, No Classified Info Shared

Hunter Biden, the perpetual poster child for privilege, has apparently not received any classified information despite cozying up in meetings with key government officials, according to the spin doctors at the White House. In a rare direct response from Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, she gave a curt “no” when asked if the president’s troubled son had been privy to any nonpublic details. The nation is left wondering why Hunter, with his laundry list of personal issues, is rubbing elbows with the folks who run the country.

Just last week, Jean-Pierre confirmed Hunter’s presence in some of his father’s high-level meetings. Notably, he was “in the room” as Joe Biden prepped for a prime-time address on the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity. This revelation has drawn ire and suspicion from Republicans, particularly from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner, who saw fit to formally demand a “full accounting of any classified information discussed or disclosed in these meetings.” Because nothing spells transparency like inviting your ne’er-do-well offspring to secret government briefings.

While it remains foggy if Turner received any substantive reply to his request, Jean-Pierre took it upon herself to dodge and weave around reporters’ probing questions. When pressed on whether Hunter Biden can access classified intel, she gave another emphatic “no.” Of course, that’s what any administration with skeletons to hide would say.

The saga grows more intriguing with reports from the New York Post that Hunter Biden has set up camp at the White House since Joe Biden’s June 27 debate disaster. The elder Biden’s presidential candidacy has been clouded with doubt, and it seems Hunter is living under the same roof, presumably adding his own set of complications to the mix.

The Washington Examiner, investigating further, has reached out to the White House for confirmation about Hunter Biden’s living arrangements. One has to wonder, though, how much longer this charade can last before the house of cards comes crashing down.

Written by Staff Reports

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